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Support Global Flood Model by GreenEyezz Support Global Flood Model by GreenEyezz
Ok peoples, I'm not here to argue a position in case anyone thinks I am trying to say creationism is right and everything else is wrong. I'd love to talk about and share whatever facts we know on the issues, but I really am not qualified to argue that one is right because I'm still on my own pursuit of the truth. This stamp advocates research, not that something is true.

Another stamp!
This one is to support research on the idea of a global flood and more research on The Global Flood Model.


Because all the people who think that the people who do research on the Global Flood model are just trying to prove something, I have news for you,


For all those who think that evolutionist scientists and geologists who date rocks never lie, stand on assumptions, ignore findings, manipulate things to meet their model rather than testing and seeing what happens from an unbiased view, I have news for you, it happens all the time.

Science is one of the most corrupt things in the world.

People who believe in evolution and that the earth is old get on the backs of people who believe in a young earth and not in evolution all the time about how young earth creationists never follow the scientific method because instead of trying to disprove their hypothesis they are trying to prove it. But have something to say to all the old earth/evolutionists who have ever gotten on the back of a Catastrophist or young earth creationist,
LOOK IN THE STINKEN MIRROR! because that is exactly what you do.
If all the evolutionist/old earth scientist really followed the scientific method than they would be the ones researching radio halos and a global flood because such things would disprove their model and according tho the scientific method, when you are testing your hypothesis or theory or law, you are trying to disprove i. So why are they constantly trying to shut all the young earth Catastrophists down? I can under stand them shooting down a creationist but to shoot down a just straight up young earth scientist is against the scientific method since the person with the gun who has an old earth hypothesis is the one who ought to be out there trying to disprove himself and doing the research we are doing.

You guys don't follow the scientific method and if anything I'm willing to bet that young earth creationists follow the scientific method more than anyone because they at least think it is a sin if they mislead others, withhold data or lie.

And all of this to say, this is why I support doing research on a global flood model.

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December 3, 2007
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